Fanny Andersen

Dollar Signs
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Coco & Co
Fanny Andersen – Dollar Signs
Cat #: COCO030
Format: Digital single
Release date: 28.09.2018

Track list
1. Dollar Signs

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The pop artist Fanny Andersen has been a name to remember for quite some time. The 23-year-old artist is the definition of ‘if you want something done, you have to do it yourself’. Fanny surprised everyone when she released her debut single “Kids” in 2017 via a video countdown on Instagram. Each video addressed a challenging side of adulthood, for example being bisexual. The Skinny Days produced track soon became a giant success, leaving no doubt that Fanny is a girl not to be ignored.

28 September the pop phenomenon is releasing her new single, Dollar Signs, along with a terrific music video. About the song Fanny says “I woke up broke because I had provided half of Oslo with beers. It makes you think and reflect on life. For how long is it fun to ble labeled as a party girl?”

The tune has been with Fanny and her live shows since 2017. Finally it’s being made available for everyone to enjoy whenever they want!


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