Great News



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Eget Selskap
Cat #: ES033
Format: Album LP, CD + Digital
​Release date: 16.02.2018

1. Sleep It Off
2. Wonderfault
3. Make Me Feel
4. Secrets
5. Told
6. Untouchable
7. Never Get My Love
8. You’re Mine
9. Forever
10. Love Her
​11. Easy

Eget Selskap:


Great News is a daze pop-trio from Bergen, Norway, signed to Eget Selskap. Since the formation in 2015, they have played at SPOT (Aarhus), KOKO (London), Øya (Oslo), Bergenfest (Bergen) and Vill Vill Vest (Bergen).

Their first two singles from the upcoming album, title track “Wonderfault” and “Never Get My Love”, got massive attention from several indie blogs and press like Huffington Post and Clash Magazine. The great adventure continues in 2018 with gigs at Eurosonic, Nordic Delight and Bad Vibrations to mention a few. ​

With a sound that is sure to have you moving within seconds, Great News is a band you need to have on your radar.
 Huffington Post

Perfect for fans of DIIV or even Tame Impala’s moments of pop lucidity.
 Clash Magazine

The album is recorded in Great News’ own studio in Bergen and is set for release February 16th 2018. The next single “Told” will be out January 12th.

Read some of the bands thoughts on the album and check out their upcoming live shows below!

The recording of this album is an example of the imperfect being something wonderful. It’s recorded by us, produced by us as friends doing what we love. This album brings meaning to our lives, it has been a life changing experience. There are too many out there that don’t start working/producing because they don’t have this mic or this preamp and so on, our message is to just do it even if it isn’t perfect in your ears. Remember to make music only for yourselves and your friends, don’t mind anyone else.

All our lives we’ve been reminded that we can’t just waste our lives making music and working odd jobs without making enough money to make life sustainable. It’s not like we choose to work these jobs because we like to work for minimum wage, it’s the price we pay for the gift of doing what we dreamt of our entire lives. Because when we play together we feel alive, and if we get to touch just one person with our music the mission is complete.

The definition of Wonderfault is something that is beautifully broken or not needing to be completely flawless to be beautiful. This is something we live by.

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Composers: Even Kjelby/Ole Kristian Einarsen/Lars Henrik Stoud Platou/Kim Åge Furuhaug
Lyricist: Even Kjelby​
Performers: Even Kjelby/Ole Kristian Einarsen/Lars Henrik Stoud Platou/Kim Åge Furuhaug
Producer: Even Kjelby
Mix: Even Kjelby/Anders Bjelland
Mastering: ​Iver Sandøy