Great News

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Eget Selskap
Cat #: ES046
Format: Digital
​Release: 12.01.2018

1. Told

Eget Selskap:

Presse (NO)

Great News is a daze pop-trio from Bergen, Norway, signed to Eget Selskap. Since the formation in 2015, they have played at SPOT (Aarhus), KOKO (London), Øya (Oslo), Bergenfest (Bergen) and Vill Vill Vest (Bergen).

Their first two singles from the upcoming album, title track “Wonderfault” and “Never Get My Love”, got massive attention from several indie blogs and press like Huffington Post and Clash Magazine. The great adventure continues in 2018 with gigs at Eurosonic, Nordic Delight and Bad Vibrations to mention a few. ​

Perfect for fans of DIIV or even Tame Impala’s moments of pop lucidity.
 Clash Magazine

With a sound that is sure to have you moving within seconds, Great News is a band you need to have on your radar.
– Huffington Post

The band about “Told”:
Told is the first song we actually wrote – it’s been with us since the beginning. It tells the story of people struggling to obtain success fast, in order to live the dream life they think they want, while giving up on what they originally dreamt of doing with their lives. We all had a dream when we were young adults. But it’s hard to stay focused when everyone keeps telling you that it’s not possible or sustainable. And of course, sometimes that might be true, but it’s sad that it keeps people from trying.

Growing up today, we are repeatedly told to focus on the future, have kids, get married and earn lots of money to achieve true happiness. Like that’s the only way of solving the puzzle of life. Fuck that. Do what you want, not what you’re told.


  • 19. januar: Eurosonic Noorderslag, Groningen, Nederland
  • 21. januar: Nordic Delight, Utrecht, Nederland
  • 25. januar: The Shacklewell Arms​, London
  • 2. og 3. mars: by:Larm
  • 20. april: Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam, Nederland
  • 26. april: Ja Ja Ja Showcase, London
  • 12.–16. juni: Bergenfest
  • 26.–28. juni: Fres Festival
  • 7.–11. august: Øyafestivalen
  • Flere datoer TBA
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