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Eget Selskap
Cat #: ES077
Format: Digital single
Release date: 16.04.2019
 Track list:
1. Eksistensen
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Eget Selskap: joar@egetselskap.no
Press: dipha@eddamusic.no
Synch: marius@eddamusic.no

Composer/ producer/ mix: Njål Paulsberg
Lyricist: Njål Paulsberg/Mathilde Saunes-Skarsgaard
Utøvere: Njål Paulsberg/ Mathilde Saunes-Skarsgaard/ Iselin Toft/ Tonje Indrehus/ Cato Furdal Lyngholm
Master: Matias Tellez

Existential folk-pop from Evigheten

Evigheten is a quintet based in Bergen, Norway that plays Norwegian, electronic folk-pop with elements of baroque music, Italian film music, Swedish children’s television and early rhythmic funk. The texts explore universal religious images and ideas, with the intentions of creating associations with the spiritual and sacred. The inspiration comes from 70’s funk, choral music, electronic pop and religious books.

On April 16th, Evigheten will release «Eksistensen» (The Existence) which is the first single from the much-awaited second EP «Heten» (The Heat) that will be released in May. «The song is about an idea that we exist forever, and that life is the most extreme part of the existence, as an uneasy exception to an otherwise fluid and calm existence.»- Njål Paulsberg. The single also comes with a music video, and is the directors debut.

Listen to «Eksistensen» here: https://soundcloud.com/edda-music/evigheten-eksistensen/
Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/evigheten-eksistensen

«I think Evigheten’s music is lovely and sincere. Therefore I wanted to make something both weird and nice for people to look at while listening to their single “Eksistensen”. Something to create calm. Something magical. Something to pause on, in a hectic life where everything is happening all the time. I want to thank Evigheten for their trust in me to direct this video.» – Director

The band consists of songwriter and producer Njål Paulsberg (Young Dreams, Advanced Language, Put Your Hands Up for Neo Tokyo +++) on vocals and synthesizers, Kim Åge Furuhaug (Great News, Bloody Beach) on drums, and the three vocalists Tonje Indrehus, Iselin Børve Toft and Mathilde Saunes-Skarsgaard (from the vocal ensemble Multa Paucis). Evigheten has previously released the singles «Turbulensen», «Balansen», «Ikke alene» and the EP «Heten», through Eget selskap.  

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