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Eget Selskap
Cat #: ES081
Format: Digital single
Release date: 21.06.2019

 Track list:
1. TV


TV is due for release on the 21st of June through the Norwegian label Eget Selskap, based in Bergen.

A year has passed since the band released their well received debut album, Wonderfault. They have used the time wisely, touring Austria, Germany, Holland and the UK, and are currently putting their new studio to good use by recording their forthcoming second album.

“We felt like sharing some new music, and TV seemed like the perfect song to release. We’ve been thinking about how television has had such an enormous impact on our lives. We find ourselves walking down the street and seeing all the TV screens lighting up people’s apartments, creating common memories for different generations. Who really decides what to watch or what to listen to now? The age of conventional TV is definitely over, but these new platforms are also heavily influencing our choices and how we make them.”   Great News

Great News serve up daze-pop in its purest form. They blend cheerful melodies, lazy guitars and big choruses into their colourful brand of psych-pop, and then sprinkle vocalist Even’s wonderful falsetto on top. TV sounds like a statement of intent, asking questions of the listener whilst shifting between sinister, poly-synth laden verses and huge, euphoric choruses. Great News are certainly keeping up the good work that earned them features in Clash Magazine, Huffington Post, Line of Best Fit and DIY, to name but a few, and they are continuing to make their mark on the international music scene.


“With a sound that is sure to have you moving within seconds, Great News is a band you need to have on your radar”. Huffington Post

“The best band from Norway in many years.” Q Magazine

“Fusing psychedelia with synthesized sound…Glorious, uplifting.” Clash Magazine

​“Bit of a Tame Impala feel to this…really really good sound” Matt Wilkinson, Beats1

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