Lazy Queen


Eget Selskap/Pick & Mix
Cat #: ES134
Format: Digital single
Release date: 25.09.2020

Track list:

  1. Gutted

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Returning for the next chapter in a story of struggle, addiction, recovery and rebirth – Oslo-based alt-rock outfit Lazy Queen share ‘Gutted’, the first single from their forthcoming EP. The track is the third chapter in their story battling a self-destructive path of addiction and damaging behaviour. Picking up the story where previous singles ‘Throwaway’ and ‘Sober’ left off, it’s a raw and spirited piece of punk-rock, with the trademark, accessible upbeat pop hook that’s consistent throughout the Lazy Queen catalogue.

“Recovery isn’t linear, it’s continuous work, and it’s okay to make mistakes along the way.” – Lazy Queen

‘Gutted’ was a track written when lead singer Henrik, was in the first stage of what felt like a real recovery from previously lethal daemons of addiction and depression. It’s a track that narrates their feelings of finally planning for a real future, or in Henrik’s words – “Planning for shows, instead of funerals”

Even through their own, individual battles, the passion for music and playing live was consistent. The product of an international meeting of minds between New York and Oslo, the band started out on a hectic and determined touring schedule across the Nordic live scene. Set on becoming the most raucous live act in Norway, they built a loyal fanbase through their pissed off, reckless bubble punk style.

They soon began recording and releasing original music and found crucial online support for their musical message. Previous releases including ‘Throwaway’ & ‘Sober’, went on to receive coverage from Wonderland Magazine, NYLON, Red Bull Music, Earmilk, Indietronica (Hype Machine), Impose Magazine (Hype Machine), Going Solo (Hype Machine) and a guest blog for Get In Her Ears.  

The new Lazy Queen single is a glorious juxtaposition of personal conflict in the lyrical content, and an upbeat sensibility and danceable energy in the production. It’s the compounding of all the elements that make a Lazy Queen song, the portrayal of an important message, through the vehicle of an optimistic vibe.

“The Nordic rock five-piece embrace all types of emotions in this powerful hit.” Wonderland

“There’s something extremely appealing angry bands who are able to perfectly find the balance between angry and vulnerable” Red Bull Music

“Through punk ethos and unabashed vulnerability, Lazy Queen’s message looks to break down stereotypes around identity, depression, and addiction.” – Earmilk

“At once anthemic and accessible, jangly and ethereal, Lazy Queen crafts an expertly blended atmosphere that satiates our love of shoegaze and punk alike” NYLON Magazine

Composer/lyricist: Henrik García Søberg
Performers/arrangers: Henrik Garcia Søberg, Petter Enger Anderdal, Peter Steinholt Mortensen, Jon Bernhard Hunskaar, Jonas Røyeng Production/mix: Morten Øby
Master: Dag Erik Nygård