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LEKK Cat #: LEKK007 Format: Digital Single Release date: 05.06.2020

Track list vil være:

1. Stitch Face

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Press (NO): matias@blancarecords.com

Press (UK/EU/US) tommy@inhousepress.com

Press (Mexico): malfi@malfi.co

Synch: marius@eddamusic.no

Norwegian collective TACOBITCH almost defy categorisation, but this is a press release and so we must try. But, first, what is it to be a TACOBITCH? Allow one of them to explain: 

 Five of us used to live together, and that house had a really toxic environment. No-one was safe, everyone was abitch. One day one of us had some tacos for dinner. He was, then, atacobitch. But now, we are alltacobitches. And we have never been closer. 

 A message of not allowing our first impressions to guide us? A call to solve and eradicate the toxicity in our surroundings? Were not sure, but then TACOBITCH aren’t necessarily here to make sense. 

 A multi-figured (roughly seven people, we think) collective that cross music with choreography, performance art and drag, the Oslo-based artists played their first show just a year ago at by:Larm Festival. They’ve been wowing their homeland since, with interdisciplinary performances that take in everything from group members dressing up as yetis, while others wear balaclavas and dance. They touch on reference points ranging from The Knife and Pussy Riot to broader club culture and comic book aesthetics, managing to come across as all and none of that at the same time. 

 Any one of them can take on vocals at any point, while musically theirs is a mix of punk and techno – although when it gets really weird it brings to mind happy hardcore, early 90s Prodigy, or the kind of cheap sample mashups that perforated the internet at the beginning of the millennium. 

 Our agenda has been to completely merge music, dance and costume visuals into new exalted practices and expressions they explain. We see it as musicians being dancers and dancers being musicians, we dont see ourselves as separated performers and if people who experience us have a lot of fun and leave with some unanswered questions, were happy. 

 “Stitch Face” will be their first release and is taken form the four tracks that make up the groups debut EP sonically representing TACOBITCH perfectly. Recorded at home in their Oslo apartment – with everyone involved whether playing a synth or ripping a sample from Youtube this music with a serotonin rush, a sensory overload, a feeling of euphoric confusion. 

 Truly, we are all tacobitches now. 


Written and produced by Menski Penski, Zorban Zorbé

Mixed by Legenden 2001

Mastered by Matias Téllez