Cat #: LEKK010
Format: Digital single
Release date: 18.09.2020

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New single from Metteson

On September 18, Metteson will release his third single “Harder”

Listen to “Harder” here:

“Harder” is the follow-up single to “Devotion” and the second single from Metteson’s upcoming EP that will be released later this fall, via the Bergen based label LEKK.

Metteson played

Harder came about when I was working with Matias Tellez (Girl in Red, Young Dreams) who mastered the track, and he challenged me to make 80’s hits. I think it’s the fastest I have ever written a song. I wanted it to be hard hitting, and I just started with the word «harder», and repeated it, «harder, harder» and – boom -, there it was. .

That’s not to say it isn’t personal. On the contrary I often find that those songs, that seem to just jump on to paper, are the ones I can most easily connect to later on. They are a very accurate portrayal of a specific time or mindset.

I like how the song shifts between enticing and demanding, soft and hard – and I love how Vetle and Mathias both have exaggerated those elements in the production. Especially the short chords in the slightly jolted chorus. I dream of people striking a new pose to each chord on the dance floor. I recorded it together with Vetle Junker (Verdensrommet, Softcore untd., Aurora), and we had such a good time in the studio. – Metteson

Metteson is 27 year old Sverre Breivik. He is an educated stage actor, playing in theaters such as DNS in Bergen and Nathionaltheatret in Oslo.