Cat #: LEKK034
Format: Digital single
Release date: 08.09.2023

Track list:
1. Red Flag (Singles Club Version)

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Press: joar@lekk.no
Synch: marius@eddamusic.no

red flag! red flag!

Hilma Nikolaisen has had a multifaceted career so far, being a part of musical constellations like Serena-Maneesh and the Loch Ness Mouse, amongst others. Her three critically acclaimed solo albums have given her a Norwegian Grammy nomination, an ever growing fanbase, and international recognition.

Now she is ready to present fresh material, taking her in a different musical direction. “Red Flag (Singles Club Version)” will be the first single to come out on LEKK’s new single club DROPS. This is the first single from her upcoming album, being released later this year.

First I wanted to make a political board game version of Monopoly called something like “The Political Game”, it turned out to be too circumstantial, and turned into this song instead. “Red Flag” is a dance tune of sorts, about the comedy of political games and other battles. – Hilma Nikolaisen

Hilma Nikolaisen
Performers: Hilma Nikolaisen (vocals, guitar, bass, drum machines, synth) /Jack Holldorff (backing vocals, synth) /Kristofer Staxrud (hi-hat) /Ådne Meisfjord (hi-hat edit, drum machine edit)
Mix: Ådne Meisfjord
Mastering: George Tanderø
Recording engineers: Jørgen S. Larsen/Morten Øby
Press pics: Elvira Nikolaisen