Witch Club Satan

Solace Sisters

Label: Lost and Found Productions
Cat #: L&F007
Format: Digital single
Release date: 13.12.2022

Track list
1. Solace Sisters

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Photo: Helge Brekke

Press: joar@egetselskap.no
Synch: marius@eddamusic.no

Witch Club Satan releases their second single “Solace Sisters”.

– An invitation to believe in the brutality of hope, says the band.

The Norwegian black metal feminist band have been pointed out as a band to be aware of, both in Rolling Stone Magazine and NME. Now they are releasing their second single.

«The fresh blood that the black metal scene needs right now» – Mayhem veteran, Jørn Stubberud

Witch Club Satan is a Norwegian art project that has created a storm of excitement and provocation in the Scandinavian music scene this fall. The feminist black metal band has performed at several festivals in Norway, and in November they did their first international gig in Austria.

Scandinavian magazines and newspapers have been writing about the band’s performances as “a historic event” and “a concert that people in the future will lie about having been to”, while both Rolling Stone Magazine and NME have given the band raving reviews:
«(…) Our highlight is genuinely terrifying Witch Club Satan – an all-female black metal outfit with an NSFW approach to nudity, blood, noise and blasphemy» – NME

«The black metal outfit amplify the sexual undercurrent of their music with onstage melodrama and blistering guitars. Taking over a dark, sticky club the night before Øya Festival Day One, Witch Club Satan wailed over noise-guitar eruptions and proffered a gloriously sacrilegious display of nudity, fake blood and uncompromising black metal.» – Rolling Stone Magazine

December 13th, the day the Scandinavians celebrate St. Lucia, Witch Club Satan will release their new single «Solace Sisters»

St. Lucia was said to be a martyr, burned on the stake with a lantern in her hand. In our childhood we dressed up in white, put lights in our hair, and paraded, singing about the figure St. Lucia, whom we knew next to nothing about, the trio explains. 

– We baked special buns with saffron, and we were wondering who would be the chosen one to bear the crown and walk in the front of the parade. It was always a pretty girl, dressed in white like a child bride. She was often blond, white as snow. Looking back at it, the whole tradition leaves a bittersweet taste in our mouths. 

In old Norse Mythology, the 13th of December is a day of dark powers and magic. It was said to be the only night that animals could speak to each other, and that Lussi, a female troll, was wandering around, inspecting houses before the Holidays. 

– «Solace Sisters» is the sound of a light that is recklessly breaking through this dark December night. It is a light and a song for our sisters, those who are still here, and those who were here before us.  

– When we started Witch Club Satan, we tried to connect with women convicted of witchery in our home towns. One of these women, Anne Rimer, was convicted for setting Fredrikstad town on fire with her sister. She was executed by immolation on the 13th of December 1653. 

The band wants to celebrate the light with «Solace Sisters» and reconnect with the origins of the St. Lucia name – lux, lucis – light. Witch Club Satan claims that the bright light can be just as brutal as the darkness that black metal traditionally surrounds itself with. 

– Nihilism, destruction, and the way of romanticizing death, is characteristic in traditional black metal. We are not that into hopelessness as a concept, nor darkness in itself. Light, life and hope seem equally brutal in our time. Bringing light into the darkest corners of our world makes it extremely uncomfortable to look at. Still, we dare our listeners to believe in the brutality of hope.

– The sound of hope has to be brutal these days.