Magnetic Thursday

Coco & Co

Format: Digital singles

12.07: Magnetic Feels
Cat #: COCO025
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19.07: Partners In Crime
Cat #: COCO026
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02.08: Perfect Harmony
Cat #: COCO027
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09.08: Inferno
Cat #: COCO028
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Fred Well presents Magnetic Thursday!

«I encourage everyone to start the weekends early this summer. Enjoy life and make yourself a drink on a Thursday!”

Four Thursdays during the summer months, Fred Well will be releasing a new song from the concept Magnetic Thursday. Magnetic Feels will be released July 12, Partners In Crime July 19, Perfect Harmony August 2 and Inferno is ready for release August 9. Please find downloads to the left.

12 July – Magnetic Feels

19 July – Partners In Crime

2 August – Perfect Harmony

9 August – Inferno

Each song is served with a drink, or vice versa, the drink is served with a song. Fred Well has a passion for drink mixing, thus this concept is a fun way of presenting a new side of the artist Fred Well. The colors chosen for Magnetic Thursday are yellow and black. Colors associated with being alert (ref. traffic signs, taxi and barricade tape), that stand out and capture the audience’s attention.

Instead of traditional press photos, drawings in the theme colors will follow each release, along with a picture of the drink, a recipe, a video of Fred Well making the drink and a lyric video.






Have some friends over and attain the Magnetic Feels by serving it both in a cocktail glass and through the speakers. I present you the recipe:

Magnetic Feels

1 oz Simple Syrup (brown sugar)

1,75 oz Lemon Juice

1,5 oz Bourbon Whiskey

Touch of Cointreau

1 Egg

Touch of Pomegranate juice


Call up your partners in crime and bring them over this Thursday evening! Create a memorable summer night with innocent pranks and good old laughs.

Partners In Crime

2 oz Gin

1 Fever-Tree tonic water

Touch of Lime

Touch of Campari


Searching for harmony? Here you are, the most perfect harmony you’ll ever dream of; setting the mood just right for the perfect summer evening. Watching the sun set in the horizon and enjoying life to its fullest.

Perfect Harmony

2 oz Vodka

1 oz Cointreau

2 oz Cranberry juice

2 oz Orange juice

Touch of Cava


Set the night on fire! Dance, sing, jump, live, love and be free!


1 oz Tequila

1 oz Vodka

1 oz Gin

1 oz Rum

1 oz Cointreau

1 oz Lemon Juice

Top it with Peach Iced tea

SoMe Plan

Facebook and Instagram will be used substantially to promote Magnetic Thursday. The plan is to hint implicitly of the releases to come by posting pictures with a yellow, black and relaxed feel to them starting a few weeks before the first release. July 9 all of Fred Well’s social media profiles will be changed to the theme colors, using cover art and the cartoons. In relation to the releases the drink recipe, pictures and videos will be posted, along with the lyric videos on YouTube.



Sensual and silky smooth R&B that you can’t help but be seduced by. – NME

Fred Well’s effervescent pop vision is Immediately addictive – Clash Magazine

Fred Well is one of the newest miracle of the Nordic music wave! – Nordik Simit

Fred Well is one of Norway’s best new artists to watch, and his star is only rising. – EQ Music Blog

When shorn of all backing but the gentle keys it throws into focus what Well actually has – a quite beautiful R&B-tinged voice. – The Line of Best Fit



  • Guested Sigrid’s sold out UK-tour
  • Solo debut at a sold out Scala in London
  • Fully packed show at Vill Vill Vest in Bergen
  • Cover of “Strangers” 90K views in two days


  • Grow follower base on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify, by creating and sharing content continuously, boosting towards targeting groups.  
  • Direct all focus towards his fantastic voice and songwriting skills by keeping the covers clean and simple
  • Present a distinct branding profile
  • Show a different side of Fred Well by presenting his passion for drink making