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Cat #: PLZ023
Format: Album (LP + digital)
Release date: 29.05.2020

Track list:

1 Patience
2 I Love You Because It’s True
3 You Are Not Who I Thought I Was
4 There Is No Certain Thing
5 Are We Alone Now
6 That’s All There Is
7 Put The Camera Down
8 Why Would I Let You Go
9 I Can’t See Myself Without You
10 Don’t Waste Your Time
11 Why Did I Write The Book Of Love
12 My Love Is Hard To Explain

Label service:

«Patience» is the stunning new album from shape-shifting pop-auteur and modern master of chord-progressions, Sondre Lerche. Continuing the inspired and ambitious streak from «Please» (2014) and «Pleasure» (2017), «Patience» is quite possibly the most fully-formed and impressive album of his career.

Consisting of 12 tracks that build on Lerche’s diverse and considerable strengths,«Patience» is a bold, yet tender song cycle about chartering new depths of love, but also recurring doubts in a fragile world of constant distraction and inequality.The album, which took five years to complete, finds Sondre on a musical quest for serenity through songs and arrangements that will both soothe and break hearts. A collection of recordings both meditative and adventurous, «Patience» features some of Lerche’s most contagious tunes, as well as his most impactful and devastating ballads and lyrics.

The album features collaborations with Van Dyke Parks, Anja Lauvdal, Tim Fain, Hanna Paulsberg, Kjetil Møster and Marianna Sangita from the band Broen, as well as phenomenal performances by Sondre’s regular band of musicians. «Patience» was recorded in Bergen, New York and LA with producer/mixers Matias Tellez and Kato Ådland, was well as mixing/mastering engineer Jørgen Trœen, who also worked with Lerche on «Faces Down», «Two Way Monologue» and «Duper Sessions».