Softcore untd.

Eget Selskap/Vibbefanger/Cascine
Softcore untd. consists of Emir Hindic and Mathias Humlen from Sushi x Kobe, in addition to Andreas Høvset and Vetle Junker from the band Verdensrommet. The collaboration started in 2015 when Emir saw Verdensrommet at Ekkofestivalen in Bergen. After the concert Emir approached the band asking if he could add a verse on their song “Aldri igjen”, which he was allowed to. The rest is history.

In 2017 Softcore untd. released their first single «Skolebenken», a mixture of Verdensrommet’s melodic guitar chords and the hard hitting drums and 808’s from Sushi x Kobe. Soon after they released their second single «Fjern». Since then, they have played sold out shows in both Bergen and Oslo, supported Princess Nokia and are now booked for this year’s by:Larm festival. Softcore untd. are currently working on their debut EP which is ready for release in 2019.

“We try to make something new every time we’re together. How a track gets made varies a lot from one song to the other. Really, sometimes it’s a lyric, sometimes it’s a chord, sometimes it’s a melody or something else. We feel that we have a fairly clear idea of what Softcore untd. is though, and we try to follow that whenever we’re making something.” – Softcore untd.

Eget Selskap/Vibbefanger/Cascine

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