Svetla V

Eget Selskap

Electronica artist Svetla V from Moscow looks to the Nordic nature for inspiration for her arctic synthpop.

Svetla V is doing everything herself. She writes, composes and produces. She is a real DYI-artist who loves to explore and find new and exciting sounds. She has played the piano for as long as she can remember, but she didn’t start writing songs herself until a few years back. At the end of 2015 she got noticed by the synth-pop scene in Moscow and she started doing shows on her own.

She is seduced by the Scandinavian nature and language, «I am very keen on listening to speech in different languages, I find it aesthetically pleasing and exciting. I often get butterflies in my stomach just because someone is talking a foreign language.» She started learning Norwegian and Danish at 16. She later moved to Bergen, where the album «Mattias»was produced. In addition to making songs in Russian and English, she has written the songs “Svart/hvitt” and “Kjøkkenbenkdrama” in Norwegian. These two songs, together with her debut album “Mattias” are ready for release through Eget Selskap in 2019.  Earlier this year she released the banger “Beauty” and was chosen to attend Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin. Check out her newest single “Mon prince français” under!




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Mon prince français (2018)
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Beauty is synth-pop at its most icyNothing but Hope and Passion


Label/Eget Selskap

Synch/EDDA Music