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Cat #: VIBB027
Format: Digital single
Release date: 09.02.2018

Track list:
1. 25

Honeymoon (North America, UK, FR, Asia, AU + NZ):
PR (UK):


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After the release of their debut single «Glu» on October 27th last year, the interest for Fieh has gone through the roof. Fieh was voted the most promising act for 2018 in an annual poll among Norwegian industry professionals, The FADER premiered their first music video and their summer tour is nearly fully booked with festival gigs on many big Norwegian festivals like Bergenfest, Fredvika, Slottsfjell, Vinjerock, Øya and Pstereo in Norway and Where’s the music in Sweden.

Fieh’s second song is called «25». Sofie sings about doing her own thing, to be down with her gang and that hard work pays off. Her vocals are even more laid back than on their super debut «Glu» and the song makes you zone out completely until you gather yourself to the revelation that 2018 will work out just fine! 

An explosion of summer energy – THE FADER 

Charming slice of jazz-infused soul pop  – The Line of Best Fit

When Fieh entered the stage, the vibe in audience exploded –

Amazing vocal, tons of charisma and radiance, and a presence that you rarely witness – Musikknyheter

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