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Cat #: VIBB032
Format: Digital single
Release date: 01.06.2018

Track list:
1. Flower

Connect with Fieh:
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1 June Fieh is releasing a new song along with a music video!

The song is called “Flower” and tells the story of lovely people you meet along your way and the inspiring conversations that take place. After the release of their debut single “Glu”, the interest for Fieh has been massive! People are reaching out from everywhere wanting to know more about the liberating, groovy vibe coming from the North. Lead singer Sofie’s sensational voice, backed by her dynamite 7-piece ensemble, takes you on a journey through delicious soul, catchy pop, smooth r&b and vibrant jazz.

“You know when someone says something that widens your horizon, and you think ‘Wow, what a beautiful and inspiring person!’ – that’s the inspiration behind this song”, Sofie says. She thinks of these people as flowers, with elegant details and gorgeous colors, who enrich their surroundings with their presence. “After this, they will always be flowers to me”.

Fieh’s mission is to provide memorable concert experiences, make people forget about negativity and instead be filled with joy for an hour or so. “Giving people a meaningful and great experience is one of the best things I can accomplish as a musician”, says Sofie. They wish to convey innovation and originality, whilst at the same time hold and preserve knowledge of the music that has been. “Music is a very powerful thing. Music knows no borders. The music we make may affect people anywhere in the world. That’s nice to think of.”

The FADER premiered their first music video, Elton John loved “Glu” so much that he aired it on his radio show “Rocket Hour”, and several Norwegian magazines have named them rising stars of 2018! Already, their summer calendar is filling up with major Norwegian festivals like Øya (Oslo), Slottsfjell (Tønsberg), Bergenfest (Bergen) and Vinjerock (in the beautiful mountain landscape of Jotunheimen). Make Norway your destination for this year’s summer holiday and catch up with Fieh on one of the festivals above! For a full overview, check out


I love it!Elton John

An explosion of summer energy – THE FADER 

Charming slice of jazz-infused soul pop  – The Line of Best Fit

When Fieh entered the stage, the vibe in the audience exploded –